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We build High Quality Custom Cabinets

tailored to your needs


World Champion Expertise

Our team consists of internationally recognized medalists from various worldwide skills competitions. With 15+years of professional woodworking experience and knowledge, we plan and execute each one of our projects to create the best quality outcomes.

Always On Time

In the past 15+ years, we have always finished our projects on time—no delay whatsoever, not even one day late! We truly value our customers’ time and priorities, and that is why we always keep our promises.

Everything Done In-House


NAMU is involved in every step of the project: planning, designing, manufacturing, installations, and after-sales service. With our capabilities and confidence, we do not outsource any parts of our labor.

Limitless Possibilities


NAMU means “wood” in Korean. Because NAMU team has mastered every possible technique and skill in woodworking, there is nothing that prevents our customers from getting what they had always dreamt of.



Custom Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets

Bathroom cabinets

Cabinet refinishing


Custom Furniture

Live edge table

Epoxy table

Solid wood table and more


Finishing Work

Mill work

Moulding & Casing


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